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Statfrica: gli open data sull'Africa

Un portale che presenta statistiche, ricerche, infografiche sull’Africa. E’ possibile abbonarsi gratuitamente o a pagamento, se si desidera ottenere i dati in formato grezzo per ulteriori analisi.

A portal for learning, sharing and discovering more about Africa.
Over the years we’ve collected more data about Africa than we can hope to ever use as one company. However, we know from meeting many other companies, NGOs, schools, investors and others that there is a huge amount of demand for all things Africa. The problem most of these groups have is not that they can’t find information, but that things are changing so rapidly, they can’t find up-to-date information. Usually articles are three to five years old. Its also hard to find information on topics that is immediately applicable like information on contemporary African social entrepreneurs, consumer behavior, and research around trends that haven’t quite caught the attention of corporates global research firms.
With Statfrica we’re making of our incredible amounts of research on these subjects available to all, for free!

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