BRCK: internet ovunque, anche senza elettricità

Il team di Ushahidi ha lanciato il progetto BRCK, un dispositivo per connettersi a internet da qualunque parte del mondo.
Stanno raccogliendo fondi su Kickstarter: aiutiamoli!

Enter BRCK: The easiest, most reliable way to connect to the Internet, anywhere in the world.
It works when the electricity goes out and it works when the Internet goes down. It is portable and easy to set up. It supports up to 20 devices, with WiFi powerful enough to cover multiple rooms.
Ushahidi’s mission is to improve the way information flows in the world and the BRCK is a natural extension of this. We build tools that help people collect and share data, information, and stories. In many ways the BRCK is the vertical integration of the data collection market. The modem is the gateway between our devices and the wide world of the internet, but it is has been left ignored blinking in the corner, looking much the same it did 10 years ago. As a software company, we are seeing that some of the most innovative products out in the world today are when the agile, intelligent aspects of software and data are brought to an outdated piece of hardware. Square revolutionizing the credit card swiper, for instance.
The BRCK is a software infused device, operating seamlessly with the BRCK Cloud, our website that you can access from anywhere to check how network connections and electricity are performing on your device and a portal to install new services like VPN, Dropbox, or any other app that you might create. It also syncs your BRCK with current data from cellular providers in your country. It can also hold 16GB of memory and you can sync your data directly to your Dropbox, other connected devices, or other applications. Furthermore, a BRCK device that is deployed in rural Indonesia can be fully managed from an office in London — or vice versa.
viaMeet BRCK, “a backup generator for the Internet” – Blog | Ushahidi.

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