Morocco: AMDH Calls for UN Mechanism to Protect Human Rights in Western Sahara

El Aaiun — Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) has called for UN mechanism to monitor and protect human rights in occupied Western Sahara, according to statement issued by AMDH’s office in occupied Al Auin.
during a meeting with UN Special Rapporteur on torture Juan E. Mendez, members of the association highlighted in a meeting with the involvement of the Moroccan judiciary system in protecting the perpetrators of the gross violations of human rights against the Saharawis.
“the demand of the victims to activate the UN mechanism to pursue those perpetrates of human right violations at the level of the international courts became an urgent need ” says AMDH statement.
The Moroccan association expressed concern over the deteriorating situation of human rights in occupied Western Sahara, renewing its fears about the repeated attempts of the Moroccan state to hide and change the parameters of its crimes.
Moroccan Association for Human Rights tated that the visit of the UN official to the occupied city of Al has marked by tight security siege and repression against the Saharawi peaceful protesters which resulted several casualties.

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